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How you can improve the health of your tonsils

Having tried and researched many ways to have a better tonsil hygiene and get rid of tonsil stones and all the other tonsil-related symptoms, our team has gathered three tools to finally be able to treat tonsils as they should.

As you now know, Tonsil hygiene is too often neglected which leads to sore throats and bad breath. To make it easy, we have selected three tools for you which target all aspects of the tonsil hygiene to achieve a clean and healthy oral hygiene.


The tonsil pick


* Get to know your tonsil better, thanks to the bright LED.

* Dislodge the bigger tonsil stones stuck in your tonsil crypts.

* Provide you with a fresher breath.

* Minimize the risk of sore throat and tonsillitis.
The tonsil pick is a device derived from a Chinese ear pick. It is composed of a steady handgrip and a long transparent stick which is illuminated by a bright LED at the other end. This tonsil hygiene tool is thus ideal to get to know your tonsils better. As the integrated LED gives you the possibility to see how your tonsil are made so that you can clean them better, the pick is used to dislodge bigger tonsil stones that are stuck in your tonsil crypts. By removing them you will free the crypts and allow for the tonsil flush to clean the tonsils better. So this tool will help you to get rid of the bigger, nasty, and smelling tonsil stones and provide you with a fresher breath and decrease the risks of tonsillitis.

– Instructions

Light the led, then gently approach your tonsil with the lighted end of the pick. Once in your tonsil make small circular movements and try to dislodge the tonsil stones. You might not see the nasty smelling white chunks straight away but after a few seconds if you had bigger tonsils tones stocked in your tonsil crypts these will come out.

The curved tip syringe


* Rinse your tonsils to get rid of tonsil stones in the phlegm inside the crypts.

* Provide you with a fresher breath.

* Minimize the risk of sore throat and tonsillitis.
This 12 ml syringe has a bended tip which makes it possible to reach your tonsils easily in order to flush them out. Flushing your tonsils with this tool will allow you to get rid of all the bacteria, viruses and undigested food debris that are lodged in your tonsil crypts.

– Instructions

Pour warm water in a glass. Start by gargling with some of the water. This will loosen up your tonsils. Afterwards, fill he syringe and go for one tonsil at the time. You might have to spray three or more full syringes into each tonsils to get all the tonsils stones and debris out. It is important to really be precise and be sure that you are aiming inside your tonsil. The water will find its way through all the different crypts and come out with every nasty tonsils stone it finds on its way. Just spit them out afterwards. If you have a sore throat you can add a table spoon of salt to the warm water. This will stimulate the blood circulation in your throat and thus bring more natural defences to your throat and tonsils.

The copper Tongue scraper


* To remove white coating present at the back of your tongue.

* Prevents the white coating from being clogged in the tonsil crypts.

* Awakens the vital organs of the body (Ayurveda).

* Opens and enhances the taste buds.

Nowadays, our oral hygiene is mainly focused at only keeping our teeth clean. However, the tongue is one of the body’s several detoxification paths. Keeping it clean is just as important as flushing one’s tonsils or brushing one’s teeth. Moreover, the white coating at the back of your tongue, present in the morning for most of us and all day for some persons, will eventually make its way to your tonsil and end up clogged in your tonsils crypts. Together with the two other tools that focus on Tonsil hygiene, you will now be able to fully take the faith of your oral hygiene onto your hands. In the last few years, tongue scraping has slowly become a more well-known practice here in the west although it has been used for more than six thousand years in the Ayurveda medicine. They claim that tongue scrapping is a must in order to achieve greater health. Above all, there are medical researches that agree with the old Ayurveda practices. In fact, a group of Korean researchers found out that for many sufferers of bad breath, a thick coating on the tongue is one of the causes. This Coating is composed of volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) which are a leading known cause of bad breath and are the same compound that are responsible for the nasty smell of tonsil stones. It is of prime importance to remove this coating before it gets to your tonsils and get stuck there.

The tongue scrapper we provide in this kit is made of copper and is the same one used in the traditional Ayurveda medicine. It has been documented that Copper has natural Antimicrobial properties. Moreover, copper ions have the ability to bind with the volatile sulphur compounds to get rid of them. Tongue scrapping has also other benefits such as enhancing the taste of food and stimulating the tongue.

– Instructions

This easy to use tool will take away the filthy white coating you have on your tongue. To use it, take both end of the tongue scraper and enter with the round bit first in your mouth. Then come back forth while scraping your tongue. Rinse the scrapper and repeat the operation 4-5 times.

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