Tonsillitis and tonsil stones what are they ?

Tonsils or better known as “the first defense line of our immune system”.

tonsil stones in throat

Why on earth do we have tonsil if they are home to those utterly smelly tonsil stones and they lead to tonsillitis? It is fairly easy; the tonsils are a pair of soft tissue with crypts located at the side of the back of your throat. They are part of your immune system, and are the first line of defense against ingested or inhaled pathogens. Continue reading

Why are tonsil related illnesses rising ?


man having a terrible breath and tonsils stonesUnhealthy tonsils are rising in our society

It is a general trend that more and more persons are complaining about tonsil stones, tonsillitis or sore throat. In general, this is not surprising regarding the little attention devoted to the health of our tonsils. Let us explain to you the story behind this rise of tonsil-related complaints. Continue reading